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Grandfathers of the Four Winds Part 1

"The Creator has placed a part of itself, a power, an aspect of itself to assist us on our Zuya (journey). These helpers, although individualized are all of one true power. Together they are the Wakan Oyate." This is how it was given to me and how I will share it with you. I will share what has been given to me and my personal experiences on my Zuya with the "Medicine Wheel"

 "Medicine Wheel" is a common term used today to describe the power of the Grandfathers of the Four Winds. Pejuta means a medicine herb or plant. Cangleska is the word for a wooden hoop or wheel. In English the word medicine is defined: a substance or preparation used in the treating of disease. Wheel is defined: a circular frame of hard material that may be solid, partly solid, or spoked and that is capable of turning on an axle. See Webster. When these two words are combined, I feel that it is a poor way to describe a creative power. That it does not bring justice to the meaning of that which I will be speaking of.

 Tunkashila, grandfather, a relative term. Tate, wind. Topa, four. To me, and how I have learned of creation, all beings in Creation are my relatives. Visible or non visible I address Creation in a way that brings about a feeling of connection that vibrates a joy within my entire being. When I address the powers of the Four Winds, the Earth, the Sky I am communicating the Creator. All of these aspects when brought together as a whole make one.

 As I sit here, I realize that is very hard to communicate the feelings and thoughts that I have concerning the aspects of the teachings that were shared with me. There are many different cultures and nations upon the Earth. There are many different languages and interpretations of just one word. One word can mean one thing to a person and something totally different to another. English, Lakota, Tibetan, Japanese within these languages, sometimes there is no word in another language that matches the meaning that the speaker is trying to relate. As I share what has been given to me on this subject I will do my best to communicate what I have learned. I will use common terms that most people can relate to as well as descriptions and my own feelings.

 The powers of the Four Winds all have their special place, location of their originating power, within the "medicine wheel". Each Grandfather has it's own power, color and gift to share with the people. Different tribes, different bands within the tribe may differ a little with what color is where what that power helps with and how to make your appeals. Over the next few weeks I will share with you what resonates within me. My intentions here are not to change anyone's belief systems or "teach" a way of life. My desire is to inspire others to seek their own truths and to understand that there is an all loving creative force within this universe that works in, through, and surrounds us. That is us. To be willing to challenge current belief systems. To seek your own truth and not what others tell you is truth. To recognize the magnificence and importance of yourself on this life's journey!