Module I
Becoming A Hollow Bone

Module I will share with the student Traditional Native American Medicine Wheel healing principles and spirituality. The student will learn and be able to perform a meditation to “cleanse” and “refill” themselves and their clients to prepare them for the bodywork that is to follow. The bodywork is a combination of energy and touch techniques, creating a safe and sacred space to allow the client to release those emotions that no longer serve them. This will help to open them to better health mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The student will learn:
             -How to incorporate these healing modalities into their current sessions. 
             -The importance of listening to their clients needs, thus allowing their clients to be                          actively involved in their treatment. 
             -To understand emotional stresses and their consequences upon the physical body.
             -The “Becoming A Hollow Bone” meditation, which will allow an unending flow of                            healing energy through the practitioner and the client. 
             -The “Full Body Alignment” bodywork and how to add it to their current session. 

Learning Outcomes 
 With the Medicine Wheel teachings, the student will be able to recognize how traditional ways can be applied as solutions to modern day problems. 
 “Becoming A Hollow Bone” meditation. The student will be able to explain the concept to their clients. Student will be able to guide their client through this process, performing that which they learned in class. 
 Through class participation with a question and answer period, the student will be able to list and define the importance of each step of the meditative process. This is also covered in the guided meditation portion of the program. 
 Bodywork - “Full Body Alignment.” The student will observe and perform the bodywork during class trade out. Student will be able to compare the before and after effects of this modality. Students will be able to determine next best treatment for their client. 
 Through lecture and class participation on emotional stress and its effects on the body, the student will be able to identify how to incorporate meditation and the “Full Body Alignment” into their current practice. Student will be able to demonstrate and use this modality. 
 Through understanding the need for the therapist/client trust factor, the student will recognize and define the importance of creating an atmosphere in which the client will feel secure. Student will be able to explain and list the reason for not comparing their client’s situation to others. The importance of client individuality will become apparent. 


John Wilson
NCBTMB Provider #1070 

 Module III
Becoming Who You Are

The “Becoming Who You Are” module is designed to assist students in creating the life they have always desired to experience, allowing them to become all that they can be. The student will learn how to connect with the “Life Force” within each individual being and be able to assist the client in having that same experience. The student will learn how to have harmony and balance within every aspect of life, helping oneself and others in obtaining good health, healing and overall prosperity. Through learning the Four Virtues... generosity, courage, respect and wisdom, the student will discover that applying these virtues will give them a connection to their true Spirit Self in which they will only desire to create good for all of creation. In turn, students will be able to incorporate this into their sessions and achieve even greater results for their clients. Through lecture and class participation, the student will immediately discover the power of thought, emotion and intent as well as how quickly this can manifest within their physical life
experience. The bodywork in this module brings together Modules I & II and will continue to help students and their clients to grow heart, mind, body and spirit. “Becoming Who You Are” is a continuous journey. The student experiences the excitement in seeing themselves and others be all that they can be!
Learning Outcomes
 Students will be able to explain the benefits of the “Four Virtues” and how these principles apply to their practice and interaction with the client. Students will be able to compare these virtues with the massage code of ethics and see the relationship between them. Students will recognize the importance of these virtues in their professional and personal lives. 

 Students will recognize that seemingly old virtues and principles can still be beneficial in modern times. Students will be able to explain how these virtues can be applied to meet the needs of today's society.

 Students will evaluate their individual importance in the circle of life. They will recognize that they are a ‘magnet’ attracting their life experiences.

 Students will perform the “Becoming Who You Are” meditation and be able to explain and lead their client through the process.

 Through self-evaluation, the student will be able to verify that certain thought patterns and feelings create experiences within their lives. Student will be able to assist their clients in this assessment as well.

 The student will be able to explain to the client that through control of their thoughts and feelings, they can help in the healing process of physical and emotional trauma, applying this to their current sessions.
 Students will be able to demonstrate “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” bodywork and be able to explain how to incorporate this in their current sessions, or be able to add it as a new service to their current menu.  

 Students will be able to demonstrate and perform the “Clear the Path” bodywork on their clients. Student will be able to explain the benefits of this modality to their clients. 


John Wilson
NCBTMB Provider #1070 

​Self-Transformation Workshops

Becoming Who You Are

Full course description. See below for details of the different modules.

This three-module course provides the student with a firm foundation and understanding of Native American Medicine Wheel teachings, the power of the Four Elements and the Four Virtues. Through the understanding of traditional ways, the student will be able to apply these principles to bodywork in any healing environment to facilitate growth of heart, mind, body and spirit within themselves and their client. In this course the student will learn the power of their own thoughts and emotions, and how this understanding plays a major role in allowing the student to become a vessel through which healing power is dispersed. Students who participate in this program will learn how to create the life experiences they have always desired and be able to assist others in doing the same. 

Students will also learn:

  •  The relationship between mental and emotional issues and how they manifest within the physical body.
  •  Fundamental bodywork techniques for emotional and physical release (releasing those emotions that no longer serve you or your client).
  •  Meditation techniques for personal and professional use to prepare client for bodywork to follow.  

             Meditation techniques include:
             > Quieting the mind and breathing techniques
             > Cleansing and refilling heart, mind, body and spirit
             > Distribution of healing energy
             > Importance of “listening” and not speaking 

  •  Less is more... compassionate detachment.
  •  “Tools” to create the professional practice and life experience one has always desired as well as help clients to achieve the same results.
  •  Self-care for students and after-care for clients.

This program is designed to allow you, the student to become who you truly are in all aspects of your life and in the vastness of creation. You will learn how traditional teachings and living within natural law, will allow you to create abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life while helping others (clients) to do the same. The “Becoming Who You Are” program teaches this and so much more. This is truly a life-changing experience and you will have the “tools” needed to continue to build upon these teachings each and every day.

Total program is 20 hours divided into three modules. Modules I & II are 6-hour courses. Module III is an 8-hour course. It is highly recommended that the student attend modules I & II before taking module III but it is not mandatory. All students are encouraged to bring pen and paper, blanket and pillow or a massage table to class. 
This course is open to all massage therapists, healers of all modalities and individuals seeking to help themselves and others.  

*Massage therapists will learn a NCBTMB approved modality for a total of 20 CE's. 
John Wilson III
NCBTMB Provider #1070 

 Module II
“Stepping Through The Door” 

The “Stepping Through The Door” program is designed to help the student to incorporate the Medicine Wheel teachings and The Dualities (everything is itself and its opposite) within the Four Elements teachings, into their own personal and professional growth. Students will be able to assist their clients in stepping out of their comfort zone and “Stepping Through The Door” of incredible new life experiences and spiritual growth. This will add new-found energy and
excitement to the student’s current sessions, creating life-changing outcomes for all involved. The student will learn the art of “Compassionate Detachment” releasing the need to “fix” the client. We explore the principle that healing comes from within, and one must experience one’s own healing to be able to assist others in the process. The student will be able to help “jumpstart” the client so that they can continue to grow long after the session is complete, to not be so concerned about the details, and allowing a power greater than oneself to take care of the outcome. Learn bodywork techniques and the power of “Focus” while performing the work. Learn how to recognize when you are ready to take the next step in personal growth, and how to assist your clients on this journey. 
Learning Outcomes

 Students will recognize the relationship of the Four Elements and their place within the traditional Medicine Wheel. The student will use this knowledge to assist them during the guided meditation that will also be used with their clients. Students will be able to compare and list “The Dualities” within these teachings and how to apply them in their personal and professional lives. Students will be able to explain this concept to their clients and then guide them through the meditative process. 

 The student will be able to define the “Art of Allowing.” Students will be able to identify times in their lives and their practice where they have become mentally attached to the physical outcomes of their clients’ sessions. Students will be able to identify how this affected their personal and business lives. Students will be able to define why “Removing Self” allows for a better experience for them and their clients. 

 Students will be able to list the steps of assisting their clients in the emotional release process. Each student will be able to explain this process to their client and the importance of preparation to allow this to take place.

 The student will be able to perform the “Stepping Through The Door” meditation as well as apply it in their current sessions.

 Students will be able to demonstrate “Riding The Wave” bodywork, through student participation and trade out. The student will be able to identify, compare and evaluate feelings, before and after treatment with client.

 Students will be able to evaluate their own growth as a result of what they have learned in this module. They will be able to list the changes that have taken place within themselves as a result of this course and be able to apply this understanding in their personal and professional lives. 

 Students will recognize the importance of maintaining a sacred space for the client, which helps the student to demonstrate continued growth in their professional ethics.


John Wilson
NCBTMB Provider #1070 

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