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What Therapists Are Saying...

​"John's presentation of healing through the beliefs and hands on experience of his culture are a breath of fresh air grounded in Ancient Wisdom. I will definitely be using these modalities with my patients. Actually I am already using the things I learned in the first two modules. His storytelling was icing on the cake!"

​- Tammy B.  L.M.T.

​"Good for grounding and centering myself before a session so I can be fully present and of most benefit to my client. I will be more able to help them work through their issues and show them how to take responsibility for their feelings and let go of any fears/pain." -  Robin S.  L.M.T.

​"Thank you for putting these modules together! I'm sure it took tremendous work but it's so worth it!" -  Kim T.  L.M.T.

​"Great foundation principles of life and health with a focus on real personal experiences, with a Native American theme and insight. Highly valued techniques."

​- John P.  L.M.T.

​"Thanks for your deep teachings, life lessons and personal experiences." 

​- Steve F.  L.M.T.

​What Others Who Have Taken The Class Are Saying...

​"I have been fortunate enough to have participated John Wilson's educational training. I can say with clear conscience, that his classes are life changing! I have learned so much from John about EMPOWERMENT, being POSITIVE in any situation, MENTAL and PHYSICAL HEALING... John has taught me many things... I am a stronger and better person through participating in John's classes. If you have an opportunity, by all means take one! You will learn life changing tools and you'll eagerly await his next class. Don't miss out! His classes max out quickly."                      - Diana Sue Bryant CDM, CFPP and Curator of Sacred Earth Wild Life Rehabilitation Center in Alford, FL.

​"This was brought to me in perfect timing for my life. I Loved it!"

​- Dani A. Chipley, FL.

​"Excellent! I am looking forward to continuing with the program."

​- Marsha L. Pensacola, FL.

​"A lot of good messages. Made me feel more hopeful about the future and how I can deal with some of my personal issues, some of my pain. I am excited to try some of the things shared." - Rebecca S. Sevierville, TN.

​"Each one of us can take something from this course, or should I say experience. We can all benefit from self healing, as well as share the information to help others heal either there selves or others. Thank you." - Chris B. Cookeville, TN. 

​What Clients Are Saying...

​" I had the privilege of meeting John earlier this year. I was at a convention in Johnson City, TN. I had chronic neck and back pain for almost two years. That's what initially brought my attention to his bio. The combination of massage therapy mixed with his Native American heritage and healing practices was something that aligned with me instantly. We met the next day for a session, I really didn't know what to expect but what I actually received was priceless!"

​"Not only did my neck and back issues cease to be an issue but I really 'saw myself ' for the first time during that session. It was an almost indescribable experience and I realize writing this, that words don't adequately describe the profound change that occurred for me in that one hour. It literally opened up a whole new world that I always knew was there but he helped me to find it. Since that session with John, my life has changed and blossomed in beautiful ways I would have never guessed. Physically, the chronic pain I was experiencing is non-existent."

​"He is a talented massage therapist, teacher, healer (my words, not his) and all around good person. He's the real deal! I feel blessed to have him as a mentor and my friend."

​- Andrea H. Nashville, TN.

​"Feels like one big hug!" - Marisha Graceville, FL.

​"I shook like a leaf for ten minutes after the work. I did not even want to get off the table. A very intimate, loving experience." Stacey D. Tampa, FL.

" I felt like I was levitating off the table. I could see the whole world. Remarkable!"

​- Gail Chipley, FL.

​"The only instructions I was given as I lay on the massage table at the start was to breathe deeply through the nose and out through the mouth for the entire session. As I recall the breathing and focusing on it, it put me into a meditative state where I was aware of what was going on around me but in some dreamy state as well."  

​- T.A. Gastonia, NC.

"I was able to let go of a bad past memory, to go on. Felt love, big love, unconditional love!" -  Mary T. Crossville, TN.

"Felt like being in ceremony, like a purification lodge, but I wasn't! Knowledge coming through." Tom aka Turtle Boy Chipley, FL.

​What We Are Saying...

​Our Service Providers and Instructors here at Little Hawks Paradise help people to "jumpstart" their own healing process. Our providers do not do ceremonies during the self transformation sessions, also known as a full body alignment. All walks of life are welcome to attend all workshop experiences and our hopes are that you will learn new "tools" to help you to truly enjoy the life you have been given. Licensed Massage Therapists will earn continuing education hours through these programs. Certificates of course completion are given to all students and we also offer programs for training instructors in the "Becoming Who You Are" workshops. You do not have to be an L.M.T. for this program.

​If you are looking for a document that certifies you as a Medicine Man, Shaman, or Healer... you are looking in the wrong place. Our service providers and instructors are none of theses things. We are just ​icke wicasa/winyan. Common men and women helping others to learn how to help themselves. Just helpers we are!