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The Beginning

"In the beginning all the relatives got along well with each other," Grandpa continued. There was plenty for all and everyone knew that if they just loved and walked in gratitude that every desire they had would be fulfilled. After a time this started to change. The people started to harm each other, kill each other. They abused the Earth and all the Wamakashkan Oyate. Grandmother sent out signs, warnings that the children of the Earth ignored. Then she shook, she took in a deep breath and exhaled hard as she coughed. This caused the land to separate and form the Islands that we live upon now. All that survived were the children. The children were given a second chance but soon they returned to bad behavior. Again Grandmother sent out warnings to return to a place of balance, a place of the heart, but was ignored. Those who were connected listened and crawled inside the Earth as she cleansed herself again. This cleansing went on for a long time. Eventually the people came back out to the surface. Grandpa says that our people emerged from Wind Cave in the Black Hills. Wasu niye the hole that breaths. Grandpa said if you go there and listen, you can hear the voices of the past. You can hear the children laughing and playing. You can hear the people singing, and if you close your eyes ... you can see them dancing.

 Evidently the two legged forget easily and don't learn from their past. The elders have told me of a great flood that cleansed the Earth as well. One nation saved by an Arc, a great ship carrying all life forms. Another nation speaks of a great canoe, and another of how an Eagle helped to give birth to a people. It doesn't matter who these nations are or where these stories, these truths come from. Truth is truth. What is important; is that we are all relatives and what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.

 Prophecies... These are what is seen that can happen in our future if we remain in a global, universal train of thought. This also means that prophecies can change if we change our thoughts, our vibrational frequencies towards our belief systems. Nothing is written in gold as they say. Everything is subject to change. Many nations speak of another cleansing that will come through fire. The Chanumpa, the prayer pipe. We fill this as a prayer for all creation. When it is smoked it is also a visible release of the prayer and the prayer touches all creation through this smoke. An old man also told me that the fire that burns the tobacco is also symbolic of next cleansing to take place through fire. What I am saying here is that there is a universal consciousness that accepts another cleansing to take place and through fire.

 All over the world there are pipe lines being created to move oil. I really do not understand the benefits of this. If you research some of these pipe lines you can see the damage that it has done to the environment. I have even seen where as the results of one pipeline, that when a lighter was held to the surface of a river... it ignited. I have also seen video of the same thing happening when a lighter was placed next to a faucet in some ones sink. There are environmentalists all over the world that are FIGHTING against these things. That is good....or is it?

 Globally we seem to be coming together as one people standing up for all life and the next generations of those who will walk upon this Earth. This is definitely a good thing from my point of view. How we approach this situation is what is equally important. We need to let go of the emotion, the feeling of the word FIGHT. This emotion, this feeling only leads to more fighting. As crazy as this may sound, we need to universally approach this situation through the heart. Through love. Love for self, our brothers, our children, our grandchildren. Love for the Earth, the ocean the sky. Feel your own heart, what do you feel when you think about and visualize all of creation loving, carrying and taking care of each other? Makes you feel good doesn't it? Hold a vision of the good and share it with others. Do it out of love.

 We do not live in the stone age anymore. There was a movie called The Croods. These people lived in fear only coming out of the cave to forage for a short period of time and then rush back into the cave out of fear. Fear of all kinds of things. A man appears in the movie to bring a family into the light. Watch the movie and see if there is anything in it that can relate to the "cave" we still live in today. The "cave" being the mind. There Is a whole lot of good out there. We only have to acknowledge it. The best place to start is self. Look at the good you are, concentrate on loving yourself and let that love spread out to all humanity.

 Like I said previously, this is just my point of view. Everyone has one. We don't all have to agree, but it would be best not to judge each other. A man is who he is through the experiences he has. We are all doing the best we can, with the resources we have.