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Working as a Hollow Bone

by John Wilson

Like attracts like. Most clients with chronic pain live in a world wherenumerous professionals have told them that they need to accept it, and learn to live with the pain they are in. This is not so; as the first line of this paragraph states: like attracts like.

As therapists we all strive to help our clients obtain a healthier lifestyle. We create a "Sacred Space" in which healing can take place and have permanent results. We need to treat heart, mind, body, and spirit. Leave one of those out and the pain and sickness continues. Most of us become LMT's because we have a strong desire to help people in the healing process. Many of us have relied our entire lives on an "internal guidance system” to help ourselves and others. This
guidance" is a connection to a power greater than ourselves. This may be referred to as Universal Mind, God, The Creator, or Wakan Tanka in my own Indigenous tongue. Grandpa Fools Crow ceremonial leader of the Teton Lakota Nation always referred to medicine people, helpers if you will, as hollow bones through which the Creator dispenses healing.

So often, we rely on exactly what we learned in school - what we know about the human body and muscle tissue. But, there is much more to a human body than this. The Spirit, the True Self, if it is sick, shows itself in a physical form like chronic pain, cancer, PTSD; the list goes on. To truly help our clients we need to help them shift their thoughts as well. We need to help them achieve healthier mental patterns as we attempt to help them to have a healthier body.

During my initial assessment of my clients, I have noticed that certain thought patterns are linked to chronic pain and other physical disorders. I’m sure that we can all agree that our clients will often tell us their life story with very little prompting. They feel comfortable and safe with us. We may be the first health care professional to show them true compassion and genuine concern for their well-being. This, combined with what we do through touch is a sacred act. Sometimes we may be their last resort.

When I see people with neck and shoulder pain, most of them tell me they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. They feel responsible for both the good and the bad in the lives of all who are connected to them. With lower back pain – well, most of these people talk to me about financial worries and concerns. Clients with carpal tunnel syndrome or other arm issues tell me how they never learn from their mistakes; how they keep repeating the same actions, without learning from them. Folks with restless leg syndrome, or overall discomfort in their legs talk to me about their insecurities; how they are always in fear of not being able to support themselves, stand up for themselves, and that they lack self confidence.

There is a definite link between human emotions and chronic pain. How do we treat these problems? What I am about to share with you now is what my Native American heritage teaches about healing, as well as some things I learned in Hawaii, studying Lomi Lomi.

I bring the client, always referring to them by their name, or as “friend” into my treatment room. The atmosphere is relaxing. Soft mixed music of the four elements is playing so the client can connect with earth energies. Sounds of the earth, wind, and water are mixed with a little didgeridoo or some soft drumming. Candles are burning and the smell of sage and sweet grass is in the air. A low fan blows, allowing for good energy flow in the room.

We talk about the results they wish to have. They may express their desire to be free from pain, free from fear. The possibility of joy and happiness once again in their lives is brought up, and what they will do once the pain is gone; all the fun they will have while resuming their previous responsibilities. The person is usually beginning to get excited about their healing, and is starting to believe that they can be pain free.

I explain to them that first I will take them on a brief guided meditation, to help prepare them for the gift they are about to receive. I tell them not to expect anything, to just go with the flow, not blocking anything they feel or see within their mind. I explain that they may experience bouts of uncontrollable laughter or crying, possibly both. I encourage them not to subdue it, just allow it to be. This is their emotional release, release of the blockages within the body, which hold their pain. As therapists we know the concept of satellite pain and muscle pain is a reflection of emotional pain.

As they lie on the table face up, I ask them to take seven deep breaths in through the nose and out through their mouths. They continue this as I speak. I tell them to imagine a little bear, a wolf or anything they want to imagine, going through their body, devouring anything that is not wanted. This would include physical areas of pain, as well as emotional pain. I urge them to let all their resentments, guilt, and remorse get “eaten up;” to destroy selfish self-seeking motives; to let go of past wrongs done to them. Then, I have them imagine their spine growing down from their body and into the earth, to the heart of the earth where there is fire and lava, allowing all sickness to be burnt up there. This is followed by bringing their spine back into the body. As they are still deep breathing, I ask them to see light coming into their body - a most beautiful energizing light. I don’t suggest a particular color. I want them to discover their own personal vision of “light”.   

As I step out of the way, I think to myself, “let my hands be Your hands” and go where I’m guided. I start at the head and move around the body clockwise, the direction of the movement of the sun. I use energy and healing techniques from my Native heritage, Lomi Lomi, as well as wave--like movements and rocking. I use no clock and the session is over when it’s over; I know when to stop. This may take as little as forty-five minutes or up to an hour and a half.

The results are amazing. Some people have “visions” during the treatment. One person told me that in a past life she was a pirate, that she saw a man cut off her head and she felt hate for him, but during the treatment she was able to forgive. She stated that this must be the reason that she’d had pain in her neck for most of her life; however, now it was gone. She did stop by the spa where I work, a few months later, still pain-free. Do I believe this was the reason for her pain?
The answer is irrelevant. What is important is that she did. She released the emotions that went along with what she saw, and is now pain free. 

I have taught this meditation to countless people who have applied this medicine to help them recover from surgeries and many other problems. These are just a few accounts of people helped by this process. Their names have been changed to protect their anonymity. I tested The Talon Release on myself first. I suffered second and third degree burns to both shins. Doctors told me it would take sixteen weeks to heal and I would need skin grafts. Through the use of this meditation and then focusing the "light" on my legs, I was walking up a waterfall, fully recovered six weeks later. I have pictures with dates to prove it!

Tanya, a middle-aged woman suffered chronic lower back pain. I took her through the process, telling her she would have an emotional release within the week and would be free of pain. She came in three days later and related to me that she was driving home the afternoon of our session and started crying. She had to pull off the road. After this release she felt better than she had in years. Her pain was gone. I ran into her about a year later and she was still pain free. 

Steve, a sixty-five year old retired registered nurse was facing a life threatening surgery. Who will take care of my grandchildren and my dogs, he wondered. After the healing he told me, "I felt an endorphin release on the table. I felt myself lifting off the table looking down at my body!! I felt a sense of peace and love, and that all would be well with my surgery." At the time Steve did not have a connection to the sacred. He had told me that if it wasn't mainstream medicine he didn't believe it. His thoughts changed after this. He returned three months later for a visit. I almost didn't recognize him. He looked better than I had ever seen him before. 

At the time I started to research and work in this way, I lived in a very small town, where I was known as “Indian John.” People came to me when nothing else worked. There were doctors, nurses, and town officials that came, as well as normal everyday folks. The more prominent members of the community would come early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid being seen. I still laugh about that. All had unique experiences on the table and the doctor avoided his own rotator cuff surgery.

Grandpa always told me I could rise as high as I wanted in service to the Creator and to the people, as long as I remembered that the power did not come from me. It was on loan from a power greater than me. The things I have seen may seem unbelievable but can be summed up by Grandpa's most famous quote. “That which is a mystery is sacred, and that which is sacred is a mystery.”  


John Wilson L.M.T./NCBTMB/BCTMB 
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